International Forum on Spice Route 2024

Kawasan Sains BRIN Gatotsubroto

September 23, 2024 – September 26, 2024

The International Forum on Spice Routes (IFSR), initiated by the Negeri Rempah Foundation and the Research Center for Society and Culture and Indonesia’s BRIN, IFSR aims to reach a wider audience, strengthening multiculturalism and regional collaboration with various institutions, serves as a key platform for discussing the ongoing relevance of historical spice routes in contemporary society. Emphasizing the routes' enduring maritime connections, IFSR fosters cross-cultural dialogue to explore and sustain these pathways as a shared natural and cultural heritage. The forum brings together academics, practitioners, diplomats, and artists among others, to celebrate cultural similarities and differences, aiming to enhance regional and global connectivity. The 2024 IFSR focuses on remobilizing these routes, particularly highlighting Indonesia's strategic role in the global discourse on maritime routes, aiming to address contemporary challenges while promoting cultural and economic exchanges across Southeast Asia and beyond.

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